We help clients evaluate and maximize the value of their Intellectual Property and  develop strategies and procedures for protecting proprietary information and trade secrets.

We also:

  • Develop and review invention disclosures,
  • Provide clearance and patentability evaluations,
  • Prepare and file patent applications,
  • Evaluate and clear new trademarks,
  • Prepare and file trademark applications,
  • Evaluate web domain names,
  • Prepare employment agreements for use in securing intellectual property rights,
  • Counsel clients on matters involving the right to manufacture and use new products,
  • Help with new product planning,
  • Help with intellectual property rights when part of the sale of a business, and
  • Draft and negotiate licenses pertaining to patents, trademarks, copyrights and know-how.


We do not specialize in litigation, but we do advise trial attorneys and, in this way, have helped our clients when litigating patent, trademark and copyright matters.